World Cup Ticket Madness..

The CWC has been awesome so far with a lot of upsets , excitement and just one sided games all mixed together. The world cup is nothing without its fans and its not a surprise when all die hard cricket fans try to get their hands on the limited number of tickets available so they can watch their heroes perform right before their eyes.

The tickets of course as i said are "limited" and the prizes for the tickets range from 100 rupees to something like 2000 if I am not mistaken. This is where the black market guys come in to play where they try to sell tickets to prices which is more than double the normal amount. Sadly the fans today only care about the match and does pay those amounts and even though they are able to go to the ground, its like you are jam packed in a private bus with no room and seeing the cricketers like dwarfs.
I must say "Its Not Worth it !!"

The best way to watch a cricket match (even if its the CWC) is watch it on tv. you get the commentaries, the replays and highlights as well as the best comfortable seat in the world. It might not create the same atmosphere you get in the ground, but paying something like 7000 bucks for a 700 rupee ticket (that's also for a one person) is pure madness!!. You could buy some poor kid some clothes from that money or invest it on something more worthwhile. but to waste for just a few hours of entertainment is.. i don't know... I think you can figure it out.

Do go to the matches , Enjoy the Match and Have much fun you want. But don't do the stupid mistake of buying tickets by paying more than its normal prize. Money is easy to spend but hard to earn so save your savings for a more worthwhile investment and enjoy the matches whenever you can from the comfort of your living room just like what I do in this CWC !! =).

I also like to Wish our Team All da Best for the Match on Saturday and I am Hoping SL can Beat the English and move a step closer to World Cup Glory!! Go Sri Lanka !!

Cheers !!

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  Dinuka Arseculeratne

5:51 AM

well said bro.. very true.. you shed some light on my self conscious too... Cheers


7:07 AM

@Dra: Thanks Bro.. I really wanted to write about it since it was in my mind for a few days too. Glad i was able to put it through. Cheers !!

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