I Promise You..

That no matter what comes between us
I will stand by you..
That how hard troubled waters try to drown us
I will hold your hand and never.. let you go..

I fell for those eyes.. that beautiful smile..
I won't let anyone take away from me..
My heart just murmurs one name .. that you
It also provides residence to you.. only you

I am not saying I am Perfect .. no not at all..
But I won't let anyone doubt.. my love to you..
Its you I have been waiting..
Its with you I would spend the rest of my life..

I will Never Let You Go..
I Promise You..

I Love You..

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12:23 PM

it's really nice! But not too touchy. I'd love to see such a poem.

  Chamindra H

7:47 AM

@SUP: Thank You..


12:38 PM


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