Tips to take Great Photographs using a Point and Shoot Camera

Photography is a hobby I have made one of my hobbies for a long time . It is a hobby that can be done professionally as well as can be done for fun. With the evolvement of social media on the rise photography has also got its prominence where a lot of people upload pics  to their facebook , flickr , twitter accounts to share with everyone.  I also do the same =).  If you haven't seen  yet you can see from here how much I am into it or through the pictures I have posted in the right side of my blog.

So I have been taking pictures using my Point and  Shoot Camera for a while and it has taught me certain lessons which I am going to share with you here.  I know that a majority cannot afford  DSLR's   so I felt that sharing this knowledge will benefit everyone who does takes pictures just like me using a P&S (which I will use to refer to a Point and Shoot Camera from here on.)

So here are my tips.

Tip # 1   Get closer to your Subject as Much as Possible 

With a P&S , it is very difficult for you to use zoom and you certainly cannot use a zoom lens with it . So make sure that you buy at least a 8x  when you buy a P&S. If you don't have one its "perfectly ok ".  I try getting closer to your subject as much as you can  so that you can get that perfect shot.
Check my example here

Tip # 2   Stay Still

This is a tip that almost photographers should have when taking quality pictures. You should keep your hands still when shooting so that the noise is reduced and clear pictures can be taken.  Calm yourself and stay focused until the shot is taken so that you will be able to get the "shot of your dreams".
Check my example here.

Tip # 3  Make Flash your Friend.. Not Your Foe..

What I mean by the above statement is that you have to use your Flash appropriately . Don't over use it since it will not always help you to get good shots.  Flash is best used during low light conditions ( Check my example here ) so figure out how you can make Flash your friend not your foe by taking a lot of shots.

Tip # 4  Make Use of All the Features 

Almost every P&S comes with a lot of features. Don't be shy to use them and use them accordingly to take your pictures. The first thing to do is go through the manual you get with your P&S and see for what shots you can use the camera features. The cameras also provide some in built detail so you don't have to always refer the manual .  Make use of the features it will help you to create magic from your camera immensely.

Tip # 5  Take a Lot of Pictures 

You can't improve your photography  if you don't experiment. Take a lot of pictures as possible,  try different angles ( Check my example here ) and features, test your camera to the ultimate limit. That way you can take great pictures and improve your photography .

Tip # 6  Talk to an Expert 

Its always good to talk to an expert and share knowledge. I do that a lot too and it has helped me immensely to improve my photography skills. It could be a professional or it could be a colleague or a friend.  (Check out the photo stream of one my friends at work from whom, i take a lot of advice. )  Communicate.. Share Ideas and thoughts.. It will just improve your skills and knowledge and help you to take a lot of nice pics.

So those are my thoughts on how to take pictures using a Point and Shoot Camera. I am sure that you will say that why the hassle  I will buy a DSLR instead.  If you are good at a point and shoot and have the money to afford it  you can go ahead  =).  But the skills come not by buying a good camera , it comes from the photographer and his eye.

I hope my tips has enriched your knowledge about taking photographs using a P&S.  Do share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section . Would love to hear what you think and see your photos as well =).

Cheers !!

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3:00 AM

Thanks Chamindra for this valuable tips, I couldn't have said it better.

One advise I like to share is in P&S, photographer does what camera wants to do where in DSLR, photographer tells the camera how it should work. In otherwords P&S camaras will not provide much manual options instead camera does it automatically to how its programmed. This makes Tip #4 and #5 very important as you need to build the understanding of your camera by taking many shots as possible with all available features. Once you get the hang of it and knows every move ur camera makes then its just makes your life very easy.

If you want to be a photographer don't let P&S control you, buy a DSLR and show who's the boss :)

  Chamindra H

3:25 AM

Thank You So Much Saminda for sharing that great bit of advice. I myself haven't used a DSLR yet and always had questions on why should I change from my P&S =). Now I know the reason and as you said correctly you need to experiment with a lot of shots "Practice Makes Perfect" they say.. that would make you a great photographer no matter you are using a P&S or a DSLR =)

Cheers !!


7:09 AM

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