The 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi - How We Can Make the Day a Perfect One..

The next two days will be one of the most special days that will be witnessed by all Sri Lankans.  With the dawn of Vesak Full Moon Poya Day, All Buddhists will be celebrating the 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi and every Sri Lankan no matter what religion or background they come from , will witness something spectacular, something special.

The vibrant and glittering vesak lanterns and decorations, the sound of Bhakthi Gee ,  the ever so numerous dan sals in every corner.. it will be a carnival atmosphere in Colombo as well as all around the Island and people will celebrate  Lord Buddha's birth , enlightenment and passing in the richest way possible.

One thing we should not forget is that we are celebrating the teachings of Lord Buddha as well.  Lord Buddha showed a path where we can achieve eternal happiness and the best way we can honor him is by following his teachings every minute, every day.  Lord Buddha said”The One who Lives by Dhamma .. Is Protected By Dhamma". So, always keep that in mind in whatever you do. That way, you will be paying the greatest gratitude to him on the day we celebrate the 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi.

While celebrating, do something good for someone else. Help a friend in need, give some food to the poor and if someone offers you something at a dan sal don’t reject it.  Go to the temple and worship and later go out with your family in the night and check out the pandols and lanterns that can be seen everywhere in Colombo (be sure to go to nawam mawatha and watch all the lanterns and decors there). Don't miss anything and regret it later.

But there are certain things you should not do. Getting Drunk, Getting into fights and quarrels, Breaking traffic rules, Acting as a nuisance to others. Those are things that are totally uncalled for on this holy day.  Don't forget it’s a poya day and not a day to have a party.  If you do the above, then those will be sins for which you won't be forgiven.

So let the coming two days be the ultimate tribute to Lord Buddha and his teachings. May everyone be Happy and Sadness drift away. May the Noble Triple Gem's Blessings be a Shower to you for Success, Peace, Wealth and Prosperity.


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