Indie Ink Writing Challenge: "I Was Lost.. Till I Found You.."

This is my third week in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge and so far I have felt very privileged to honored to be in an exclusive group of superb writers. I like to thank everyone who provided me the opportunity  to join this challenge , read and viewed my prompts and given me challenges that took me to greater heights in writing as sharing my thoughts with the world.  I hope to be in the challenge for a long time and I also like to invite everyone who haven't joined the challenge yet to join me and the rest in a unique and fun filled way of expressing yourselves. 

So this week I got the challenge from Binaryfootprint and the challenge was "Serendipity". I have not heard the word before but after the checking the meaning, I came up with the following response.

I was a lonely wanderer  who just took each day has it comes. Lost in emotions , filled with anxiety and misery.. I sometimes wondered what's the purpose of my life really is. My shadow was my guidance and myself  was my best friend. I was a lost soul in this place we call earth on a mission to search the light of my life. I searched and searched and in numerous times, I failed. I searched more and more.. trusting my light is still there for me.. until I finally decided to give up.. with all hope lost and sadness and grief all over my mind and soul .

Then without a trace, you show up.. with your beautiful eyes and smile that made me your star struck admirer.  You took my hand and showed me the way .. took me to a world that I never seen before and gave me a special place in your sacred heart. You gave me love,  you gave me shade , you gave me the light that I was searching all my life. I never thought I will find this much of happiness, love and affection .. until I found you.. until I found you.

You are my  "Serendipity" , You are my Sacred Red Rose  Each second , minute , day  I spend with you makes me more desperate to spend more time with you. Your touch just sends a spark straight to my heart as it beats faster than a beating drum. I see our bond getting stronger and stronger each time we kiss and smile. I don't want to loose you. I will never let you go.

Words cannot express how much you mean to me. You are my heart beat,  My Life , My Soul. I was Lost .. Till I Found You.. and now I am in ecstasy.  I've been waiting for this all my life, and I believe that you were made for me and me only.  The odds might be against us but our love can beat them all.  We found each other in the most unexpected way, but god has a plan for us all. He led me to you and you to me..and let us play homage to him by celebrating our love. Forever you will be mine,  Forever I will be Yours. This is to you my Angel,  I Love You So Much.

Hope everyone likes it  =) and be sure to check out the challenge I gave to BarbBlack for the challenge this week.  Have a Great Week Ahead Peeps.
Cheers !! 

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  Caroline Gerardo

4:14 AM

What great fortune to find your true love. The piece has an anticipation at the start for a surprise. You set that tone by repeating a few choice phrases, then opens to the answer.

  Chamindra H

5:51 AM

@Caroline: Thank You So Much Caroline =) and yes I am truly fortunate =) Thanks for reading the Post and for the Comment Cheers!! =)


12:14 PM

aww :) well done


2:44 PM

this is incredibly sweet! you expressed serendipity exactly as I imagine it to be. well done.


4:23 AM

Great job!

  Chamindra H

6:47 AM

@Alyssa: Thank You Alyssa =)

@Mandy: Thank You Mandy!! =) Glad you Loved the Post =) Thank You for reading and for the Comment =)

@Dafeenah: Thank You Dafeenah =)


5:38 AM

Nicely handled. Well done!

  Random Girl

7:32 AM

Of all the sweet things I have read, this is among the top. How lucky is she who has this written in her honor? Wow! Well done!

  Jason Hughes

2:12 PM

I could easily see this being turned into a love ballad--your writing is almost poetic in it's vision! Lovely!

  Chamindra H

12:47 AM

@Stefan : Thanks a Lot Stefan =) Cheers !!

@RandomGirl: Thank You RG =) I am glad that you loved my prompt =). you know she was inspiration behind this post and I am the one who is lucky to have someone like her in my life. Thanks a Lot for the Comment =)
Cheers !!

@Jason Hughes: Thanks a Lot for Jason =) Glad you loved the Post and Thanks for visiting and for the comment =) Cheers !!

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