Actions Speak Louder Than Words..

Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay silent and do what you have to do. Talking could waste a lot of time and it could  end up in no decision which could end up with a lot of confusion.  This kind of situation can happen during business activities , sports or even when you do your normal day to day activities.

The trick is to be aware on what you are doing . If you are a manager, giving the correct instructions and direction to your subordinates or team members will make them aware of what they should do and should not do. If you are an employee, the best approach is to  get your queries answered before you start doing something. If you are a  person performing a day to day activity, the best approach is to identify what you have to do , tell the necessary people about what you are going to do and get back to action.

Another situation where you need more action and less words are when you are in panic situations . Sometimes everyone will just talk , talk  and talk and no one will take action to solve the problem.  This is not the correct approach.  If you have an issue , try to identify with a half an hour or hour discussion and do something as soon as possible. "Clients wants results" and to get to results you need to perform some tasks. If you are not doing it  then it could end up in disaster.

So as pointed out in the topic,  " Actions does Speak Louder than Words " and don't get caught to wasteful meetings and discussions all the time to get your work or task completed. There are situations where it helps but in most times it could be just a waste of time. So be aware about this kind of a situation and carry out your tasks and activities successfully.

I Wish You All The Very Best !!

Cheers !!

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