Indie Ink Writing Challenge: The Blind Pianist

This week for the Indie Ink Writing Challenge I got myself a bit of a tough one by Kat where I got the topic "Anger suffers as grief withdraws".  I did some study about the topic and came up with the following.  Hope you guys like it  =).  Cheers !!

He was a kid with many dreams. Dreams that any boy would have.. when they are 16 years of age.  He was a bright student in school ,where he was 1st in his class every year. He was also a good sportsman, where he excelled in football and cricket. But nothing made him happy than what he loves to do everyday. Those happy moments came when he made music through his Piano.

Friends called him the "Little Mozart" , and his dad called him his "Beloved Beethoven".  Jimmy.. had natural talent to make music and was an angel when playing the piano. His dad.. being a pianist himself,  gave his son the first lessons. Jimmy was a quick learner and was quickly becoming one of the best young pianists in his town.
Jimmy's talent spread all around the country and everybody wanted to hear his pieces and get to know him. Jimmy didn't mind the fame at all and was dreaming of playing in front of a large crowd. He got his chance where he was invited to play in the annual talent show where all the talents all around the country get to come and perform in front of everyone where the president is the chief guest.

Jimmy was overjoyed when he got the news. " Daddy My Dream is Finally Coming True.. " yelled Jimmy with a large grin. "Yes Son  it is .. My Beethoven is going to be a Star.. “said his dad as tears kept pouring down from his eyes.  It was tears of joy for both father and son. They were on the doorstep of achieving their goal.

Suddenly.. Fate decided to take an ugly turn. The vehicle they were traveling met with an unfortunate accident where it got knocked off by a lorry coming towards them in high speed.  Jimmy's dad got paralyzed and Jimmy lost something he used a lot when playing the piano, "his eyesight".
Jimmy's Dad was devastated, He didn't mind what has happened to him. But to see his son loosing the light of his eyes was something he couldn't bear to see. Nothing could stop his falling tears when he was taken on his wheelchair to see Jimmy in his room at the hospital.   He saw his son lying on bed with his eyes bandaged.
The grief was too much to handle for Jimmy's Dad..  he was angry at himself for driving his son to disaster and was mad with the lorry driver who knocked their vehicle off the he kept on crying with tears flowing like a river, he felt someone holding his hand.. It was Jimmy..

"Daddy.."  said  Jimmy,  "Don't Cry Daddy..  I know I have lost my eyesight.. But I'll assure you that I will not fail you.. Please make sure that you take me to the talent show tomorrow.. I am going to play no matter what.. and I won't let what happened to me from stopping me from achieving our goal ".  Jimmy's words made his dad cry even more .. But Jimmy's confidence was on a high.. and his dad was amazed by his son's ability to forget what has happened to him and his desire to go out and fulfill his dream.  After the constant urging from his son, Jimmy's dad agreed to let his son participate in the talent show. The organizers also decided to give them a chance.. though they were filled with doubts if Jimmy could even play a simple song .

Jimmy's moment arrived.. he could hear the loud noise in the background,  he could hear the announcer telling his name.. His heart began to beat like a drum as nerves began to take control of him. But he was confident and with all the noise he can hear one voice urging him on.. "Go My Beethoven . .Show the World What You Are.. Common my Son.. You Can Do It... " It was Jimmy's Dad  who was there at backstage to support his son.  With his Dad's blessings.. and the whole crowd's attention solely towards him.. Jimmy was ready to play.. he was confident.. and started hitting the keys one by one..

The crowd who attended the talent show was expecting to see a debacle, but what they saw in the end was a miracle. Jimmy was playing the Piano so magnificently that all of them including the president was in utter disbelief in what they witnessed.  Jimmy started with the "Moonlight Sonata” and then he went on to play "Magic Flute ".  He ended his performance by playing   "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ". After which a deep silence drifted through the air.

Jimmy was scared that he didn't play well and he will get the boos from the crowd. Suddenly .. he heard the raucous applause of the crowd bursting through the arena.  Jimmy's  Dad was ecstatic  .. he knew his boy had talent but this was one thing he never expected to see. He asked a caretaker to take him on his wheelchair  to his son.  When he arrived.. he took Jimmy's hand and with tears in his eyes he exclaimed " You Did It My Son.. You Did It.. You Showed the World What You Are..  I am So Proud of You My Son.. My Beethoven is the Best !! I Love You So Much  ".   Jimmy was overjoyed too as tears kept falling down from his eyes." No Daddy .. We Did It..  We Did this Together.. We Achieved Our Dream "said Jimmy while giving his Dad a Hug.  They have done what they came to do in the first place, they have both achieves their life long dreams.

Jimmy was declared the winner of the talent show and was invited to play for the President and his family.  Jimmy went from strength to strength and became an amazing pianist.  For his friend’s he was “Little Mozart, For His Dad he was his “Beloved Beethoven” but to the world he was “Jimmy Wonder.. The Blind.. But Amazing.. Pianist… “

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5:07 AM

There are tons of blind pianists out there, both currently and in history. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, of course, are probably the most famous...but I believe the blind pianist community is growing. Piano is actually quite an easy instrument to play if you are blind (when compared to other instruments, that is!)

This is such an uplifting story. I liked your use of Beethoven as a nickname because he went deaf later in his life and kept composing.

  Chamindra H

9:12 AM

@Supermaren: Thank you Maren for your comments I am glad you liked it =)Hope I did justice to my topic. Thanks a Lot again Cheers !! =)

  Debra Ann Elliott

10:47 AM

Wonderfully written.

  Chamindra H

7:48 PM

@Debra: Thank You Debra =) Cheers!!


12:51 AM

A positive story face adversity with courage takes a lot of spiritual strength.

  Chamindra H

7:22 PM

@Damyanti : Thank You So Much for the Comments =) I'm Glad you liked it =) Cheers !!


7:50 PM

This was a very nice response to the prompt. There is so much that can be said about anger and grief and suffering. You did a nice job putting that all into words.

  Chamindra H

10:54 PM

@Karla: Thank You So Much Karla =) I am Glad that you liked it. Cheers !! =)


7:29 AM

I like how you went the uplifting route (which is more difficult) versus taking the dark and angry direction.

  Chamindra H

12:12 AM

@Kat: Thank You Kat =) Glad You Loved the Post =) Cheers!! =)

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