Is There a " Lady Gaga " In You ?

I was on the look out for a topic to write about when a friend asked me  " Why don't you write about Lady Gaga ? ",  At first I was stunned and was wondering what can I write about Lady Gaga . Should I write about a Bad Romance? or should I explain about her Poker Face? Then after doing some research, I decided to write how people who wants to achieve success , how people who want their dreams to become true can use LG ( I am going to use LG as the nickname for Lady Gaga from now on) as their role model.

The following tips are given right from the life story of LG  and I will also show to you how you can use those tips to create your own success story.

Tip #1:  Understand Your Talents & Strengths and Enhance them through Practice and Training 

From the early days of her childhood, LG loved music. She started playing the piano at the tender age of 4 and as she grew up, she enhanced her talents by going to music as well as dram lessons.  She never let her passion for music and drama go away and though she was a good student at school her talent for music and art was never a doubt as she took steps to enhance them by joining  New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

The lesson we can learn from here is that, You also need to identify what your talent is and if you have a talent and a passion for something, you need to make use it without letting it go to waste.  "Every Person in this World is Special " and remember "You are Special ! ." You need to identify the talent you have with you and nurture it , improve it and use it to the betterment of the world. The world is poorer without your help so try to identify your strengths and talents and improve it  so you can use those talents to build your success .

Tip  #2 :  Don't be Afraid to Take Risks 

When LG decide to quit school early and focus on her musical career,  her  Dad gave her a bet. He told her that he would pay the rent for the apartment she stayed in for an year and if she is unsuccessful in her music career she needs to get enrolled back to school . This was a risk LG decided to take and  you can see where she is now ?

Like LG,  if there situations where you see that you need to make a choice and take a decision on something knowing there is a risk involved too ;  do take that risk and make that decision.  Don't fall back and wait things to happen. Sometimes those decisions could end up in failure but, the you have "learned a lesson"  an can use that knowledge next time when you make a decision.  Let your instincts guide you home and do take a risk once in a while for the betterment of your life.  In the end  "you are the sole owner of your success, no one else.  "

Tip  #3 :  Be Innovative

LG  knew she can sing, there was no doubt about her singing talent, But the problem she had was the world was filled with a lot of female singers and she had no way of getting the attention of the listeners. That's when she decided to use her acting talents.  By creating sensuous videos together with some outrageous outfits she quickly became a global phenomenon and captured people's hearts. No wonder she was included in Time's Most Influential People in the World.

We can also take a note from LG and be innovative ourselves. Just take a look at this blog, this blog was until last year was just a personal blog with all poems and proses . But I decided to be innovative and change it so I can use it as a source to help others through my life experiences and knowledge and so far I  am unselfishly pleased that I took that step. You need to be innovative to make a change in this world. "Doing something that others do is perfectly ok.." but, you need to find a way to make a difference, Be innovative and try to change people's lives.  Then you will be successful too.. Just like LG.

Tip  #4 : Don't Worry About What Others Say..

LG is never short of getting criticized.  She is criticized for her hair , for her outfits for her stage performances. But has she stopped what she loves to do ?  The answer is a simple No.

Everybody has their own critics and sometimes, these critics are so jobless that the only thing they do is criticize. You has a person should be strong and should "NOT LET " these people get in to your head. Always focus on your goal and carry on your tasks to achieve that goal. Who said that ride won't be bumpy right?  the important thing to do is ignore them .. and carry on what you are doing and build your glory.

Tip  #5 : Get the Right People to Work With You..


To build her success, LG  got the right people to work with her.  Her dress design team, her record label , her  choreographers  and dancing partners , her co singers ( ex: Beyonce)..  She has worked with all of them very neatly to launch her career to success.

A person cannot be a winner alone, every now and then we need help and support from the experts, from family from friends from friends who work or study with you on the same subjects or areas.  The catch is to identify the correct people to work with and build a good strong partnership which could drive you as well as your partner to success.  "Coordinate, Communicate and Conquer.. " it will sure be your recipe to success.

So these are the lessons you can learn from Lady Gaga and her success story so far. Her fame and popularity is sometimes unreal but its all because she has managed her talent really well and found a way to show the world what she got in store compared to others. She took risks, she didn't care what others say ( she still don't) and she is successful ( record no of nominations  ( the no is 12 ) for a single grammy awards ceremony for a single singer is not bad right ?)

So do take a note from Lady Gaga and create your own success story. I wish You All da Very Best and before I end  I shall ask you one more time.

" Is there a Lady Gaga In You ?  "

Cheers !!

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