Too Much Cricket..

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 You can see in the players eyes. You can see how the way they play.  It's become too much and slowly but surely we can see that the players are getting weary and cannot give their 100 percent anymore..

True they are professionals.. and true they are getting paid in sacks for the games they play .. But deep down every human being needs a break and need some time to spend with their families and have a good rest. Sadly cricketers today doesn't have that privilege. Not only cricketers every sportsman has that problem.

This situation causes injuries and also mental stress . The other day I saw how Sanga played for Deccan Chargers.. the man seem to doesn't care what the result is .. he is really tired and feels enough.. I feel he wants this to end soon ..

After all that stress and fatigue, they do this for their team , they do it for their country and somehow some people decide to question their loyalty to the game by bringing on atrocious allegations .

Its a Very Sad Situation for Cricket.. Its a Very Sad Situation for Sport..

Cheers !!

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