Seeking His Destiny..

He is confident yet he is naive. He is someone who knows what he wants in life but always has a problem of understanding what steps he should to take to get it . Yet, he knows that someday he will get there, so he decides to take baby steps. One step at a time.

He knows what his strengths are and knows what he can do. He is not the typical guy you find everyday who goes out with his friends, have a zip of beer , come home late at night and sleep till  noon. Others might question if he is a man at all; but deep inside he knows what he is doing. He has a plan. a long term plan for success and glory.

Like a knight in shining armor, he would fight for the honor of his loved ones. He might not have those huge muscles , height or that six pack which every guy desires to have. But when he needs to protect his love, his family or his friends he will do anything he could to do it . Even it's matter of giving up his own life. 

A man seeking his destiny,  he knows he will get there someday. With the blessings of the religion he believes of which he is a serious devotee. he gives his 100 percent to what he loves to do. Deep inside, he knows it will pay off for him. Till then, he waits.. doing the thing he love.

Cheers !!

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