Our Soldiers.. Our Pride..

On May 19th 2011, we celebrated 2 years of getting peace and independence from the terrorism that was there in our country. The terrorists were vanquished and finally our country became a paradise of solitude with every person in the country living as one without the division of religion , language , caste or type.

While enjoying the peace we got , we sometimes tend to forget about the people who gave us that freedom in the first place. The people who fought our enemies in the battlefield and beat them at their own game by giving away their blood, lives and soul. The soldiers , the forces of our country showed the whole world what they are made of  and fought like true lions and won us the peace we desperately chased for more than a decade.

People all around the world as well as some in our own country seem to underestimate their victory and are bringing out wrong allegations regarding them. This is a very pathetic situation.  We tend to forget the past where we were drowned with fear every time we went out  expecting a bomb to explode at any moment. Now this is not there and people go out freely to any place , at any time to enjoy and celebrate life. This kind of situation was created by our soldiers and disrespecting them and disobeying them is being a traitor to your motherland.

Let's respect our soldiers and give them the credit for what they did for our country.  Show them your gratitude by supporting them when they try to keep law in order. If you can , do give them your seat when they travel in the bus and there are no seats available. A small thing like this will go a long way and most soldiers will be proud that they served a country where people know their good habits and how to show gratitude.

So, as we celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of our newly gained peace , let us save a prayer to our forces and to all the people who fought and gave their lives to protect our motherland. It will be a sign to the whole world that no matter what obstacle come upon us , we are country which cannot be broken and also will show the world that our soldiers are our utmost pride.

Cheers !!

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