Indie Ink Writing Challenge: " 7th Heaven "

This week  in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge,  I got the challenge from Karla V and the challenge was "Seven Toes ". It was a bit of a tough one which I had to think a lot before writing it. But somehow, I came up with the following. =). Also please take some time and check out the challenge I gave for RandomGirl  whom i am sure will do a great job with the prompt I gave to her which she will put up within this week.        

So here is my reply  =) .

"Love... come soon.. we are getting late...  " said Dan while starting up his car.  "Just a second honey,  let me double check if  I got everything.. ' said Lisa ,while checking if she has all the documents in the file.

Dan and Lisa have been married for 3 and half years. They were in love with each other from the first day they met and were one of those lucky couples who were able to celebrate their love through marriage. They had everything a couple could ask for with a great home , support from their parents, a vehicle of their own , and even the support and company of their friends. But there was one major thing that was missing in their love nest.  they didn't have any children of their own.
They tried their best to fulfill their last wish. Finally they decided to carry out a blood test and to their utmost grief they found out they cannot have a baby together.

After giving much thought , they decided to go for adoption and they found a mother who was willing to give her newborn to a couple who would take full responsibility of the baby and would take care of his/her future. The due date has arrived and Dan and Lisa were preparing to go to the hospital.

As they arrived in the hospital , they got the news that their baby has arrived to the world. Dan and Lisa were both ecstatic and ran to the ward where the mother of the baby was in. When they arrived they saw the baby in her mothers arms.  The mom was happy but  Dan noticed that she had tears in her eyes.  "It's a girl , but did you notice her left leg ?  She has  "Seven Toes " "said her mom while still weeping silently.

Lisa took the baby to her hands and also saw that this baby is not normal like the ones she has seen before. But she was seeing something else, she was admiring the baby's beauty. "She is Beautiful , I don't care about her toes.. All I know is she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.. She is an Angel " said Lisa  with tears in her eyes while giving the little one a kiss.  Dan was overjoyed and was lost for words,
" I know she has 7 toes but  that's doesn't matter to us. She is a Miracle.. and So Beautiful.. " said Dan while happy tears falling from his eyes.  " Let's call her Heaven..., She is Our 7th Heaven..  ".  Lisa loved the name and so did the baby's mom. So after all the adoption papers were signed, Dan and Lisa took little "heaven" home. Their  love nest was now complete.

Heaven grew up to be a beautiful and a lovely child. Though she was struggling in the beginning to walk, Dan and Lisa were always their to supported her and helped her to get over the niggle. They could have had a operation and removed the extra toes off which sometimes they wanted to do.. but Heaven didn't want to do that and always believed in herself  " Mom and  Dad.. I was Born this Way and I Love it.. I don't need to do any Operations..I want to stay this way.. I know I will Succeed in Life.. I am Going to Make You Proud ".  Dan and Lisa supported her and stood behind their daughter's decision.

No matter how much she got ridiculed from her colleagues and friends, Heaven went to great heights in her studies and became a doctor. She even started a welfare service to help kids who are disabled , under privileged and are born the way she was born and helped them to become accepted in the society . With all that success  by her side. the most happiest was Dan and Lisa , her proud parents. " I am Proud of Heaven  Honey. She has made us the most happiest Mom and Dad in the World right now.." said Lisa to Dan while watching their daughter giving a speech in the presidential palace with tears in her eyes . Dan agreed . " Yes Darling, God gave us Heaven when were in the Dark , remember what I told you that day when she was born ?  She is our 7th Heaven. She is Our Pride , Our Joy , Our Happiness.. " said Dan while giving a kissing his wife's forehead.  Their love nest was once a lonely place but now its there joy...their heavenly joy

I hope you like it  =) an do let me know what you think  =).  Have a Great Week Ahead Peeps.

Cheers !!.

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12:11 PM

Ha! Nice job with this prompt. As a mom, I can totally relate - the number of toes is, frankly, quite irrelevant when you are holing the promise of a new life in your arms. Well done!

  Chamindra H

7:48 PM

@Karla: Thank you Karla =) Glad you liked it and Thanks a Lot for giving me the prompt =). I understand that parent's love for their kids surpass everything else. I am glad I was able to depict that through the challenge this week. Thanks Again =)
Cheers !!


9:44 PM

Beautiful sentiment.

  Chamindra H

11:47 PM

@Sunshine: Thank You Sunshine! =) Glad you liked it and Thank you for checking it out. Cheers !!


10:05 AM

Children are perfect in our eyes.

  Chamindra H

8:33 AM

@HeadAnt: Very True!


7:08 PM

Win. :D

  Caroline Gerardo

6:39 AM

A gentle response to the prompt. I like how you ended the story to give back the love and understanding she shared from adoptive parents.

  Chamindra H

9:00 AM

@Dili: Thanks Bro !! :)

@Caroline: Thank You Caroline =) Glad your loved my response.
Cheers !! :)

  Jason Hughes

9:21 AM

Well met on the challenge! What a beautiful story of unconditional love, something too many people have in short supply!

  Chamindra H

8:15 AM

@Jason Hughes: Thank You Jason =) Glad you liked it. Thanks for checking it out =) . Cheers !!

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