Using " Sex " as a " Weapon "

The past week has been a very disturbing one. The things that are happening around the world is crazy and sometimes unbelievable and the people who are creating the news seems to have lost in themselves. The first news we heard was about Dominic Strauss-Khan,  now the ex-president of the IMF  who has allegedly assaulted a maid in a hotel he has been visiting and now facing criminal chargers. The other comes from the "terminator" and former  governor  of california  Arnold Schwarzenegger who separated from his wife after more than 20 years of marriage and later admitted that he has a kid from a mistress who was working under him. 

These stories has again raised the question "why people are doing this ?". It's true that all species of life wants to reproduce to continue their existence but as humans we do have brains , beliefs , qualities and attitudes  and doing such things like the ones mentioned above is very pathetic to see and hear.  Is it because of the lack of satisfaction from their own partner ? Is it because they want to gamble on their power and money so they can do whatever they want and hide it from the rest of the world ?   The fact is they cannot hide it anymore, the world will find out somehow. 

The classic example are the stories of Mr. Bill Clinton , the former president of USA and Tiger Woods , a world beater in the sport of golf.  Both thought they can get out scot-free with their own sex scandals but somehow the news spread all around the world and their lives changed forever. Though Clinton has recovered from everything somewhat through his humanitarian work , Woods is yet to recover and is still trying to get back to the glory days where he used to win every tournament he played in . 

I am not saying these kind of stuff happens  in rich countries. It does happen in 3rd world countries like Sri Lanka too. People just let their emotions do the talking and not their brains  and by doing this, they don't know how the others will use it has a weapon to take advantage from them later so they can gain prominence as well some wealth. 

As we celebrate the 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi of Lord Buddha, we should try to control our emotions and prevent ourselves from mistakes of infidelity. Just like Buddhism , every other religion refrains from telling its followers to carry out acts of infidelity.   Don't use it has a weapon to gain power , wealth and money.  Sex might pleasure you for a few minutes and hours, but if you use it wrongly , the consequences you face will last forever. 

Control Your Emotions and Be Content with what you got. This world is always on the look out to bring you down.. so don't give them a chance by being a fool for a few hours of pleasure.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone.. 

Cheers !!

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