Indie Ink Writing Challenge: " Tribute to My Darling AtthAmma (1926- 2008) "

Last Monday at around 7.30 am my beloved grandmother or as me and everyone used to call her our Atthamma passed away.. you might remember how I used to tell that she was not well during the past few months and last Monday it reached the end. Luckily for her and to everyone all her children were there with her even our uncle ( her son) Germany was in Sri Lanka has he came around 2 weeks back to visit her and see her.. It was a peaceful death.. I got to saw her breathing her last breath and it was in a way really shocking and difficult to see... My Sister and my Mom started crying and as tears rolled down their eyes I was still in shock and couldn't believe she was gone as she was perfectly all right during the weekend.

I didn't cry in the Morning but when I went to light up the lamp to Lord Buddha tears fell down like water from my eyes as I couldn't ask him to cure my Atthamma again.. and make her feel better.. it was difficult and it was really heartbreaking...

I was also sad that my brother wasn't here .. he didn't get to see Atthamma for one last time.. still in a way he saw her smiling when he said goodbye to her before he went to USA so he will remember her smiling face rather than what we saw during Monday Morning and after...

On a good note.. She had a grand funeral.. She chose the perfect day to say good bye a Poya Day which symbolizes her devotion to Buddhism. A lot of people from all over the island came to visit her and she was really pretty too in her favorite white Saree and pebble necklace...

I was really heartbroken during all 3 days and everyone told me not to cry cos My sister and mother was crying all the time and they will cry more if they see me crying too. I hid my tears till the last moment but when she was put in to her final resting place, I couldn't control myself anymore... and I cried as much as I can to take my pain away... and it worked at least for a little while...

As the sun went down on that day I was beginning to feel a bit happy knowing the fact that she lived 83 magical years.. giving love to her children her grand children her great grand children and all her relatives and friends.. she was a role model to me my brother and my sister and she lived most of her old days with us giving us her blessings teaching us all the good things making us devoted to our religion and a whole lot more .. we felt that we had 2 mothers and now Its just our mom and she won't be there anymore =(

I will end this post with the following tribute..

The Sun is not shining anymore
The Birds are not singing anymore
Everything around is dark and gloom

You came to me like a shining light
Stayed with me from the day I was born
Everything is not the same since you are gone

Dear Atthamma you are the best Grandma
I ever had and will ever have

You might have left me today
Leaving me in pain,
But I know that you are still there

Your smile your eyes
your touch and your light

Its the strength and Joy
All of us had

Hope you attain Nibbana
Rest in Peace Forever

Dear Atthamma..
I will never forget you !!!

RIP !!!!



The above is the reply by me for this  week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by Mare  and the challenge was " my life's great tragedy".  The reply I have given is a re post with some tweaking where I have explained the greatest tragedy I have encountered so far  which was the passing of my beloved Grandmother. It's been a while now but still she remains in my heart and I miss her every minute ,every hour, everyday. Also please check out the response by myplaidpants who will reply to the prompt I gave to her soon.

Cheers !!

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  Random Girl

9:31 AM

This is a very touching tribute to her passing. I am sure she would be honored to know that you have valued her wisdom and love so much.


9:34 AM

So sorry for your loss, but a very touching tribute indeed.

  Amy L.

9:58 AM

That was so touching... I read it just now.

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death. I guess there are no coincidences: I remember then I forget then I remember again that it's today. Your post reminded me...

Usually I get a sign from her and lo! Last night I was going through a long lost mess of papers and I found a dream I had written down a year after she died and in the dream she was creating art and she was hanging her art AND my art, hanging every piece with care.

I know that's her way of saying 'hi' to me on this special occasion. I know that she is watching over me even now...

Thinking of you Chamindra,


  Head Ant

12:10 PM

My husband's grandmother died recently, so this is relatable. Very well done.

  Chamindra H

11:51 PM

@Random Girl: Thank You RG I also wish the same, I do miss her everyday and I am glad I was able to pay tribute to her at least this way for all the love and wisdom she gave me and my brother and sister.

@Dafeenah: Thank D and Thank You for the comment.

@Amy: First of all, I want to pay my deepest sympathies to you. I can understand how you feel right now and its always very hard to take when you loose someone you love specially when its your Mom. Although she is not there physically she will be always there with you Amy. In your heart, in your soul , in your memories. As you said she is watching over you. Same as my Grandmother. Be the person she wanted you to be that's the best way you can pay tribute to her.

Take Care and Hugs!!

@Head Ant: Thank You Head Ant and Thank You So Much for reading it and the comment.

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