Yes Boss

That is what we say don't we ? well most of us do; when officers in higher ranks than us call us and give us instructions to carry out tasks at work. Sometimes it  is a good thing; but there could be situations where it could become a headache and annoy you a bit.

As people go high in the ladder of  an organization structure , their responsibilities towards the people higher to them as well as the organization also grow. This tend to make those people change their thinking and how they handle certain situations in their business functions and sometimes persuade them to give a lot of instructions to their subordinates to get certain work done. They also forget that their subordinates are already assigned to certain tasks and try to burden them with more tasks,. Some employees accept those tasks and by saying  "Yes Boss" they tend to accept the task given to them and burden themselves with a lot of work and stress.  This will create more stress and as a result no task will get completed successfully.

How Can We  Fix This ?

The Yes Boss concept should be completely removed from the workplace.  Every individual who work or  report to a higher ranked officer should be able to build a personality and guts to tell their officer that they already have some work to complete and that you will handle the newly assigned task after the current one is complete.

Another approach is to ask your head, officer what is most important task of them all  or which task should be given higher priority so you can complete that task first and then move on to the others. "Don't Try to be a Hero by Multi-Tasking more than 2 or 3 tasks ". It  is bound to get you doomed.

Another approach is to always communicate with your head and this goes vise versa too. A healthy communication  passage between the two parties will always creates benefits and it allows both parties to understand each others goals and objectives as well as tasks so there won't be any extra pressure on both of them to complete their tasks.

The managers/heads and the employees below them should not think that each other are enemies and should not have a grudge for each other. Both parties should realize that they are all working for a common goal and this needs to be clearly stated  and each person's value and contribution should be recognized.

Managers should realize that his employees/ team is highly valuable to them and the employees should realize that the organization will not take a backward step in sending them home if they don't carry out the tasks assigned to them.

The best approach is to understand these basis ideas which will surely make the Yes Boss concept to disappear and allow each person  to carry out their tasks more efficiently and accurately, making  each workplace a great place to work.

Cheers !!

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8:46 PM

Shut up !!! ;)
YOUR BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

lol :D

  Chamindra H

9:10 PM

@Anon : Nope =) They are also Humans they can make mistakes too =)


3:30 AM

It's a joke anyway, if your boss said something, we have to do it without arguwing with him, no matter if its a correct decision or not, thats why,


  Chamindra H

5:37 AM

@Anon: Seems to me you haven't worked under a boss yet. With some good and sensible talk with evidence even you can change your bosses opinion. As I said they are too humans and can make mistakes and as people under him you should be able to show him the correct path or help him to make the correct decision. Otherwise, you don't deserve to work under him and call yourself an employee =)


10:15 AM

Mona bosslada? Thama level A. Sula.

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