What Makes a " Good Idea " a " Great One "

Ideas are something that comes to us all the time. it is generated through the normal thought process and comes to us through experience (visual or text ) , knowledge and communication. Ideas that come to our mind could be vague and abstract at first; but by developing the idea, it can be made to something substanital and can bring an individual or a group a lot of success.

Most will come up with ideas but only a handful get their ideas to work and make them into ground breaking ones ( ex: Mark Zuckerberg with his concept of Facebook,   Jack Dorsey with his Twitter App.)  So what differentiates a Good Idea from the a Great One ?  The following tips might be helpful for you to get answers to that question.

Does Your Idea Solve a Problem  or a Need ?

If it does its " Great " , If it 's not , then you might have to re-consider or refine your idea to suite a problem or need. People will be only interested in your idea if it does satisfy any of their problems or needs. Otherwise, they will just think of it as a great idea and just let it go.

For example let us take the concept of Hybrid Cars.  That concept was introduced due to the high price of fuel and also fuel becoming a rare resource and only few countries are distributing it. The hybrid concept quickly caught the idea of public and many people today tend to buy hybrid cars as their new vehicle rather than petrol or diesel ones. 

If your idea doesn't  solve a problem or a need then  " don't worry you still got a chance " . That's where the 2nd point comes in.

Is Your Idea Marketable ? 

As the world keeps on developing ; it is almost impossible to generate an idea that meets the needs of people/customers. But through marketing you can create that need. Just take the classic example of Facebook.

People really didn't want Facebook in their lives. But with a very creative marketing approach, Mark Zuckerberg and his team created a need in people's lives. This has made Facebook an integral part of modern human life and even people who haven't used a computer knows what Facebook is right now.

Anyone can  market their idea just like Mr. Zuckerberg but for that you need a lot of qualities and the right tools. Determination and a Vision is a must and tools such as Social Media should be used creatively, accurately as well as cunningly so you can market your idea to your intended audience.  If you succeed , then your idea would succeed too.

Is Your Idea Profitable ? 

No idea is great if it's not generating any profit for you. After all, you use an idea to build something to gain some personal profit as well right?  you might say no; but most of them do.

When you try to implement an idea always try to look how you can generate revenue from it. You could partner with more established ones in your line of business or even create profit making points yourself   You need some kind of profit to make your idea a long lasting one and to carry it forward.  So identify the revenue points that allows you to sell your idea to the people/clients intended. If you do that, then you are on the correct path to success.

Some other Points For You..

Try to observe others carrying out their daily tasks and see if you can make that task more efficient or find a way to improve it . That's your starting point for idea generation.

Don't think your idea is Silly.  It 's how you develop your idea that will make it an awesome one and only you can make that happen.  

Don't Give Up.  Every Person who made their ideas a success  never gave up on what they believe. If you believe in what you feel and you feel that your idea can change the world. Then why wait ? Just Do it and Go for it.

Ideas are "Awesome " and are the building blocks of development and success of the modern world. Anyone can use their ideas build something based on it . But  only  the ones who are willing to go that extra mile and act according to the directions and qualities given above can make their ideas a  "game changer" and make their ideas stand out from the " Good Ones " to " Great Ones ".

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone ..

Cheers !!

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