Don't Give up..

When you feel you are down..
When you feel you have lost all  hope
You think of giving up
And letting go..

You tried so hard ..
To get what you want
But then you realize..
That you still have far to go

You think its worthless
You think you are not good
You feel you should try
Something new..

But then you understand
Nothing works for you at all
The relentless pursuit of mediocrity
Taking you further down..

But that's when you should stop..
Listen to your heart and soul..
Let them guide you through
To your desired goal..

Anybody is good at something..
You need to find it from within..
Time will pass but you surely will.
Know your strengths and skills..

Don't Give up..
Do what you love ..
Today you might be mediocre
But tomorrow you'll be a Superstar..


The above is the reply by me for this week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by Sir and the challenge was " The relentless pursuit of mediocrity".  It was a very difficult prompt for me but I somehow managed to come up with the above response. Hope you guys like it .  Also please check out the response by Manju  who will reply to the prompt I gave to her soon.

Cheers !!

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  The Drama Mama

9:35 PM

I do like it. I like seeing more poetry. I answered this week's challenge with a poem also. I like where you went with this.

  You can call me, 'Sir'

7:51 PM

You did a great job with what was, I admit, a ridiculously vague challenge. In my opinion, the first two lines of your last stanza should be spray painted on the walls of schools everywhere.

  Chamindra H

8:28 PM

@The Drama Mama: Thank you Drama Mama =) Glad you liked the Post and Thank you for checking it out and the Comment =) Cheers !! =)

@Sir: Thank You Sir for the motivating comment =) and Thank You for the Prompt 2 I wouldn't have come up with this reply if you didn't give me this right? =) Thank you for checking it out Cheers !! =)

  Christina Bosco

8:16 AM

beautifully written. and very inspirational i might add i kinda needed that this morning !

  Chamindra H

11:17 PM

@Christina: Thank You So Much and I am glad it provided some inspiration to you :) Thank You for checking it out and Thank You for the Comment.
Cheers !! =)


11:42 PM

Bro, i love how you always find a way up from anywhere :) :D

  Chamindra H

6:45 AM

@Dili: Thank You Bro !! =)

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