Dreams vs Career vs Future

Its always a dilemma isn't it ?  where you have dreams from childhood to do something or be something that you  love doing  but somehow there is no opportunity and you decide to pursue something that you think is awesome. Later, you find out what you thought awesome is done by everyone else and the future of what you do is uncertain. You then try to see various other opportunities and end up in a mess. A cloud of frustration, anger, uncertainty and anxiety gobbles up your mind.

People say that money is not everything. But we all know that deep down they are all lying. To live a life without regrets , to live a life of fulfillment and happiness; you need money in your pocket . Some people ( for example me at most times) can be content with what we have at the moment; but deep down when you see your future being drawn right before your eyes; you feel scared, lost an uncertain about everything.

Still, there is always a chance to make things right and you need to understand and work on that. its ok to be patient but you need to slowly build on something that will make your future secure. This means you need to work hard and not give up and pursue, do the things you love to do. You might have to take critical decisions which will change your life forever. If you believe in yourself and your ability; then making those decisions won't be that hard. You can always get the support from your loved ones and your true friends who for sure will stick with you no matter what.  So, do what you want to do in life; since its all about living a life without regrets and you don't always get second chances.  I have understood this and I am doing that now and though sometimes i also have questions in my mind regarding certain things , I always make sure I talk with someone I trust and get their honest opinions and support.  It surely makes you feel good and helps you to carry on with your journey to success more easily.

As one of my good friends told me the other day , its a matter of listening to your heart and letting it guide you through to your future. This is a phase everyone must face in their lives and the only the strong ones who believe in what they do and won't give up , will succeed. So, don't give up and choose your path to success . Believe in your abilities and strengths and let it do the work for you. Go after money and wealth,,its perfectly ok . but don't overrun since you might stumble and fall heavily. Life is challenge; but anyone who accepts that challenge and work with grit and determination will always shine through; and I know you can do that too.

I Wish You All the Very Best !!

Cheers !!

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  Dinuka Arseculeratne

6:22 PM

Wish you all the best bro. you have the potential and the ability for much greater things. Dont let what others think deviate you from what you believe. Strive for success always and never give up.

God bless

  Chamindra H

8:22 PM

Thanks a Lot for the Wishes Bro and Thanks a Lot for believing in me. I won't give up and will always do what I believe in to gain success. I Wish You All the Very Best 2 !! Cheers !! =)

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