Caped Crusader..

I never wanted my life to be this way.  I always wanted to live a normal life ; just like all the inhabitants that exist in this plant we call earth. During my early years of life, I thought I was the same. But, as time passed every second..every minute..every hour; I knew I was not going to be like the rest. I was different , unique, weird and most of all, miserable.

I realized that my enemy was no one else but myself and I needed to find a way to stop that enemy from taking control of my soul. I understood that god has given me the power of healing others through  love,  friendship , companionship. I needed to use those powers for myself to defeat the enemy that reside in me.

I didn't want my enemy to get more prisoners, So, I hid myself from my foe and bottled it up inside my own body and soul to protect the world.  The demon within would always try to break out; at times I was not in control . But somehow , to my luck and my super natural ability ; I was able to resist him and save the world from his deadly sins. I was also able to protect myself. But, I was not successful all the time.

The world might have seen my good side, but the ones who have seen the bad knows what I really am. The people who are close to me knows all about it; and them , I call my true friends.  I  have been blessed with the perfect true love a human being can ever have; and I always pray to god that my powers would be able to resist the demon inside; so it would not intervene and make me loose the love of my life.

No one will ever understand me, and I am also still learning about myself. I have caped myself from my own enemy; fighting a battle of my own to win against the demon residing in my body.  So far I have been successful and I hope to continue the same.Save myself , Serve the world with dignity, honesty and Spread love and affection to each and every living and non living soul including the people I really love and care about. This is my curse..This is my destiny.. and this is why I call myself a "Caped Crusader ".


The above is the reply by me for this week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by  Melissa and the challenge was " Write about a time you hid from someone or disguised yourself to be hidden". Hope you guys like my response  =) and this is also my magical 350th post so I am double happy  =) .

Also please check out the response by  Ranee Dillon who has given a super reply to the prompt I gave to her.

Cheers !!

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  The Drama Mama

4:30 PM

I love this approach to why super heroes hide their identities!!

  Chamindra H

7:46 PM

@The Drama Mama: Thank You So Much! =)

  Random Girl

1:03 PM

a gift to easily help others but a struggle to save yourself from self-destructing. Great take on your challenge prompt!

  Chamindra H

9:00 PM

@Random Girl: Thank You RG =) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks a Lot for checking it out. Cheers !! =)

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