Chasing a Dream and Living it ..

For me , Life has always been about choices.  From the days I started to understand things , I always  tried to use the power of choice I had to the best of my abilities in order to gain success. As I grew older , the choices became wider and wider and then making decisions was not easy as it used to be. This is where at a certain junction I had to choose between Business , IT and Writing. I decided to take on Business with IT.

Writing has been a talent that was there with me from the early days of my childhood.  I still remember those days where I wrote poems for my school friends in order to attract the girls they had crushes on ,  the poetry book I wrote which never got published but regarded highly by my teachers as a great piece of art by a 14 year old and also the poetry that I wrote for the Sunday newspaper which got published every week.  With all that natural talent behind me; I decided to give up a career in writing and decided to pursue a career in Business and IT  mainly due to the future securing factor and how the trend of the world was going on . 

I always believe that God has his plan of fixing things. And he never let me get away from my talent. Though I did Business and IT and got through my graduate studies with fairly good results I didn't give up on my writing and started this blog during my first year at Uni.I always wrote whenever I got my free time and it really helped me to get through the bad times and feel great about what I really am.

After all the hard work and perseverance; my hard work payed off and I was asked to post one of my posts to a local newspaper as a newspaper article. (You can check it out by clicking here ). I was ecstatic and the irony behind the whole story was I was working at that time on one of my favorite IT projects at my workplace. And when I saw my article yesterday ,  I had a sense of  innocent happiness of what I have achieved. I was proud and happy that I didn't gave up on my dream though I made that hard decision in the early part of my life. Now ,everything has fallen together so well and I feel I am on top of the world.

Just take a cue from my story and remember not to give up on your dream. You might have to make hard decisions in life just like me that could affect some of your other aspirations and desires. Don't give up on them; give it a chance. You will succeed someday and when you do ; you will be proud of what you achieved in life.

I Wish You All The Very Best !!  =)


The above is the reply by me for this week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by  Toby  and the challenge was " The Hardest Decision I have Ever Made.". Hope you guys like my response  =)  .

Also please check out the response by Random Girl who has given a super reply to the prompt I gave to her.

Cheers !!

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  Debra Ann Elliott

10:14 AM

Very postive and upbeat story. Great job!


10:18 AM

Agreed, very encouraging.

  Head Ant

10:59 AM

You never actually give up a dream; you just set it aside until chance picks it up for you. Great work!

  Chamindra H

8:12 PM

@Debra: Thanks a Lot Debra ! =) I am glad that my post inspired you . Cheers !!

@ADL: Thanks a Lot ADL =) Cheers !!

@Head Ant: I cannot agree more with you. Thanks a Lot for checking out the Post and the encouragement. =) Cheers !!


11:14 AM

First of all, congratulations on your publication, how very exciting! Second of all, your words of encouragement are right on and always good to hear, thank you!

  Chamindra H

8:13 PM

@K: Thanks a Lot for your Wishes and Encouragement and Thanks a Lot for vising and the comment Cheers!! =)

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