Industrial Espianage

Well I thought of moving on to a different topic for a change:-) something that is very popular if you are a keen follower of Formular 1 hehe "Industrial Espianage" I was moved by the whole hype on these two words and wanted to investigate more on it.. according to an onlinr dictionary industrial espianage can be defined as follows.

"Spying on one's competitors to gain a competitive advantage. Often illegal."

Now most of this espainage happens in techonlogy related industries as well as sports ( specially the moto sports industry like F1 which I was talking about earlier). People try to lure important assets of their competitors through bribes, threats and other ways to provide important information about their competitors so that they can gain an advantage and improve their business or profits and surpass their counterparts by using their own stratergy.

What I have come to realize is that this doesnt only happen in the corporate world.. Espianage happens among friends , among partners and more importantly and more dangerously among families as well this has a very high impact than businesses loosing its profits.

Coming back to businesses.. one of the mosr important factors for a successful busniess is having information, the correct information. So what most businesses does is to go in search of information which tells them about products, their competitors the challenges they need to face and conquer etc. Some businesses go further beyond this and try to get information illegally and that is where the espaiange comes up so that they can get what they want very easily without too much of a mess..

Although espainage might give you profits or advantage; its conciquences are bittersweet. Serious jail sentences have been given to people who has committed this process and has been considered one of the prime crimes that even could get you a death penalty.

So beware of industrial or social espianage.. beaware of the risks and consequences of every big step you take in your business and in life cos if anything goes wrong
business wise you will fall and will never be able to recover the losses and in life you will stand alone forever without anyone because everyone will loose their faith and trust on you.

"Never engage in industrial espianage.." but no harm in saying and pronouncing the word loud cos its sounds soo kool when you pronounce it which I do most of the time these days hehe..

Until next time


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1:21 AM

Espionage, you mean?

  Feather man

2:22 AM

Well this is a wierd world. There should be a competive advantage in every thing. So every thing ultimately pushes to this point. Going ahead , more profit, reputation, corporate image every things sound so familier.

  Lady divine

4:17 AM

i agree with Featherman...
a good topic to post about..


5:03 AM

xyz: yea well the spelling doesnt matter if you can pronounce it correctly ryte? lol

FM: yea i agree with you too man
competition does throw us over the limits and commit things like espionage and we only realize that we have done something like that only after we do it hehe

LD: Thank You Ill am into soo much of different topics these days will post each one when I get some free time :-)

  Lady divine

5:39 AM

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