Deja Vu

Why do old memories time and time again
Come around and stays around and hurts my brain
My worst fears and expectations
Just becomes a reality
All the bad things I expect to happen
Happens infront of me

Time flies by
Days just come and go
I am not moving forward
Or backwards too..
Is my life just a fulls stop
All is it all just Deja Vu??

I dont know what to do
This hurts my brain my heart too
Everytime I do something with commitment and grit
The results I get just ends up in pain
Do happy endings only exist in fairy tales?
It seems to be cos my life is a mess

I am living my life in a fullstop
Trying to be satisfied with everything I got
But does that take my life anywhere?
I am just stuck in the middle of nowhere

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  Lady divine

12:04 AM

dont think too much abt it...
Coz u'll be moving again..:-)


6:06 AM

Thanks LD yea I know i just like getting over my pains by writing about it at least thru a poem. thats what I did here too now i am feeling much better and I am moving on :-)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

7:15 AM

moving is all you have to do man. move on mate, move on..

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