Mid Point - After Math

Hey Everyone I am Back :-) Its good to be back again on the good old blog after a small lay off. was damn busy with my uni work and its gonna get worse during the next few days with all the project work coming in the way but I thought coming back to the good old blog of mine cos I just cant keep away from it lol.

Anyways I had my midpoint of the 9th of August and It was ok in the sense as my assesor gave me a lot of advice and instructions on how should I carry out my final year project. But one thing I didnt understand was the question she was asking me several time "whats the rationality behind youe problem statement??" It was a real hard question to answer but I did my best in answering it but yet it seemed not good enough. Anyways she was not hard on me and told me what to do and adviced me on how should I carry out my project further.. and I got 11 from 20 which was one of the highest marks in my class soo I am happy the whole scenario ended in a good way :-)

These days I have been working on my future as well by applying for jobs here and there so I can get into employment straight after my degree. One thing it was hard to understand is the work experience all the job offering companies are asking for.. sadly I aint got any job experience so far so its been hard to look for a job that suites my knowedlge and studying area as well as a job that takes trainees first cos I like to go as a trainee first so that I can get experience while working.

Also another thing I did recently was to delete all the phone numbers I had of all the gals I used to flirt and talk with :-) ( now u must be wondering "Dammmn how much phone numbers did disease have??? hehe " well not that much just 5 gals who are all committed ( ouch!!! I shouldnt have said that.. but I not a bad person or a pervert or something its just I made friends with all of these gals before they became committed and used to flirt with them whenever I got a chance ( thru the phone of course.. I'll talk about this some other day hehe))I recently realized that this was just something that was totally useless but I did to concieve myself as I dont have a GF so this was the only thing that gave me pleasure and gave me a chance to get to know the opposite sex more but in the end I thought it was just a waste of time and I deleted all the numbers and did myself and my parents a favour by minimizing my bill :-) I have to say it feels really good and whenever I feel lonely I listen to a love song in my comp or chat with my friends on msn ( which still has gal contacts.. common I am normal guy ryte?? hehe )

Well life goes on and me moving on thats how life goes isnt it? I am having a stiff challenge with my uni work in the coming months.. but I got a inner strength now with the thirst to succeed in life. So I am gonna do it no matter what it takes me and where it takes me cos I know Ill succeed If i just give that little bit more..

I noticed that lady D has tagged me on revealing 7 random facts about me.. I couldnt reply to it be cos of the work I had but thought of revealing that thru this post as well ( in brief tho) so all can get to know the 7 stuff of Disease hehe. here are the facts

1) I am a speco hehe. I have been wearing glasses from 1993 ( its around 17 years I guess if I math is correct hehe) and since the begining I have been wearing around 10 or 11 pairs of glasses. during my younger days I used to break my glasses cos i didnt know much about how a pair cost a lot but as time went on I knew its importance and began to protect them as much I could. Now I cant live without them as its become one of my body parts and I only take it off when I go to sleep.

2) I get mad when I see that the truth is been hidden and when someone tries to lie instead. I have always been never afraid to tell the truth ( which has bought lot of troubles to me ever since I began do it ) BUT yet i love doing it and I will keep on doin it till I die and I always try to persuade others to do the same.

3) I have been in love only once and it was a love that were only limited to phone and email and sms. We never met but we knew each other better than anyone else
sadly the only gal I loved left to Aussie for her further studies and forgot all about me.. and one day all was stopped and the greatest love story of a couple who never met each other personally came to a sad ending.

4) I loving cracking up jokes and making people laugh.. Its my past time when I got nothing to do which has made most friends and people I know to come to one conclusion "Disease is Crazyyy!!!" lol. i just love living life with a laugh so its all good in my aspect. I would be crazy till my last moment in life cos I believe that a person who doesnt smile or laugh is not a real human being.

5) well I love to stay indoors than going outdoors ( bit of girly girly u might think lol) But for me family comes first no matter what happens so I always try to stay home and spend time with my family all the time. its just a habit that i used to have from my younger days and still I dont like to go out that much but spend time indoors.

6) I am cricket fan.. yea thats ryte a die hard cricket fan its a game I began to love from my younger days and I still remember the time I had in 1996 when Sri Lanka won the world cup i was one of those people who knew that we can win it and we will win it and in the end when the winining runs were scored I was shouting and running all over to my neighours houses just jubilant with the victory.. hehe I used to get very sad when we lost and sometimes got down to tears as well.. but one thing I will know I was a cricket fan and will be a devoted fan till the game itself become extinct.

7)I am not really a positive person.. its one of faults in life I try hard to correct. Its just I have had lot of setbacks in life where I dont get the place and the results I deserve in life which has led me to think twice or thrice when doing a thing and be unsure of the things I do in life. But nowadays I have become a different person and now this is slowly drifting away from me which is a really good thing:-)

There u go 7 facts about me.. hope you r all doing well and ill talk to u soon I posted some songs of the 90's which would keep you entertain till I return but dont worry as Police used to say in their song

""Ill Be Watching You"" :-)


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  Lady divine

11:59 PM

First of all, congrats on your marks!!!

and about deleting all numbers, I dont think it would've been absolutely necessary, but if it makes you feel better and takes u a step higher, then it's totally ok..

As for the 7 random facts, i liked the part where you said you like humour and to make others laugh.. :-)

and good luck with Job hunting...
may i know what field you're looking into?
As in, is it software engeering or networking etc etc????


12:44 AM

LD: Thanks for your wishes :-) well its the job hunting process is not that easy for me cos I am not definitly lookin for a job which is purley based on programming and software engineering.. I am lookin gfor jobs such as business analyst , system analyst and networking too ( tho I think I must do some more courses on it to get more knowledge).

Even getting a job as a manangement trainee would be nice too but the problem is every company is asking for work experience these days.. sadly I dont have any. so I am finding it hard to find the correct job at the moment.


10:07 AM

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10:07 AM

say the truth man.... damn right.. thats the way to go.. Gd Luck !!

  Feather man

7:31 PM

Job hunting is a tough area mate. But hay since ur qualified in paper it mite come easy.

And regarding the flirt thing yeah at some point u have to do it. I dont spend much time with woman now coz there is no point just to flirt. There is a period where u enjoy it but not always. And what I know is the feelings and likenesses dont tally most of the time so I get bored easily.

  Lady divine

5:27 AM

hmmm...there are pretty good openings for Business analysts.. and that's a good area to look at... Virtusa calls in for them on and off..
Plus, to be a management trainee, you do not need work experience!! if u have, it's a plus point.. but it's not necessary.. they also look at fresh graduates...
all the best.. if i do come across anything, will leave a comment for ya..
you should also try MIT.


6:45 AM

DF: Thanks man yea saying the truth is the good thing to do
but the problem is truth hurts !!! isnt it ?

FM:hehe yea man I have also lost the liking for flirting now its just doesnt work anymore now( but i still do look at gals who look pretty to me lol)

LD: Thanks Lady D for your help
yea I just looked on HSBC they seemed that not interested.. I still have to look in Virtusa and MIT and maybe Dialog cos I think there would be some job vacancies that suites me.

Thanks Again :-)

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