Dreaming... Does it Really Work?

Recently I found a line stating the following:

"Don't be afraid to Dream for you will lose Nothing!"

This is a statement I cant really understand .. True u wont loose nothing.. but do u gain anything? It just comes and go away most of the time and after a few days you sometimes wont remember what u dreamt about. But sometimes dreams do become a reality and it brings up various consequences. Sometimes Dreams becomes Nightmares
so what do u do then? You say you dont want to dream again ryte? or do u coninue dreamin?

I have a dream to succeed in life.. but its more like a vision that a dream. I think there's a vast difference between a dream and a vision where a vision never becomes true but a dream does...

But still...

Do Dreams Really Come True??

PS:- Hope I didnt confuse u all :-)


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  Feather man

7:21 PM

I do not call these things dreams Dreams are more like unreal crap. Hopes or expectations sounds better for me. And yes they come true. If you work with a plan.

  Lady divine

8:56 PM

Dreams can come true- with dedication , hard work and a proper plan which would depict how to achieve it... some people tend to get lucky and achieve them in different ways...

Dreams can also be day dreaming.... and this when done silently gives rise to some very good ideas..
Now i tend to get ideas or see things when I'm driving or thinking hard or just staring at something... or looking at the sea.. and sometimes i also get ideas when Im busy with work..hehee

my point is, dreams do help... coz it's a vision that you then try to turn into reality.. and it can also be a guide...

BUT, don't quit...and keep trying.. nothing comes right easily..

besides, something I just remembered was what Prof Daya Rohana Athukorala once said at a programme I attended...
Dreams give rise to great ideas... Archimedes got a great idea when he was just sitting and day dreaming.. but unfortunately what people remember is him running around naked screaming "Eureka"... his point was that the brain functions well when we're quiet and properly thinking and concentrating.. and silent sitting can do wonders...:-)


8:57 AM

FM: Yeah I think u r right man but yet I cant seem to find the difference hopes expectations dreams it all looks similar doesnt it ?

LD:Thanks LD for your thought yeah I always think dreams become a reality and it has happended to me
and I also agree with the fact that great ideas come when u r alone it but yet some dreams doesnt become a reality so then the problems come which dream should I pursue has all the dreams are important to me

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