Unfair !!!

Why is this world so unfair?

Why do people go after others all the time in order to get their work done or to get an added advantage over others?

Does it mean u have to kiss someones ass all the time to succeed in life???

That might be the reason I havent succeeded so far in life cos I dont do it I just stick to my work and do the best I can in all the things I do

I Hate this world its such a piece of crap ! :-(

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  Lady divine

9:31 PM

NO, you do not have to kiss someone's ass to get ahead... It's all in how much of faith you've in yourself... how much of hard work you put in.... and how you plan on getting ahead...
some others who are weak tend to kiss ass and get ahead... and they'll only realise later what they've missed.. and that they've taken the wrong turn and way up...

Don't think too much about others.. and how they do things.. YOU do it right... and take pride in your actions!! :-D


6:14 AM

Thanks Lady D for your encouragement
I know that kissing someones ass wont work all the time but it seems to work to most people thats why I am depressed. I don't get the marks I deserve for the work I do :( I guess its a problem with me sometimes but it should not be always my fault isn't it ?

Anyways i am determined to succeed in life and I know I will nothing can break me down.. :-)

Thanks again for your encouraging words :-)



11:20 AM

I have a feeling u r referng to assignments. no harm gettin a bit of help. but gettin smeone else to do it is questionable. be socail, but be proud of the fact that u got the courage to stand on ur feet.

  Feather man

7:45 PM

hmmm wait and see how it is when u really start a job. I dont kiss ass. But it never effected me. Well maybe it did but I dont know. So untill I dont know Im ok with it.


7:37 PM

DF: yeah its about assignments man and yeah i also ask for help from others when I don t know stuff but some people go over the extreme which I think is really bad
Anyways I don't worry about others any more just sticking to what i do best and carrying them out forward.. I guess thats the way to do in na

Thank U for your comment :-)

FM:hehe yeah man when i c stuff like this I am scared sometimes to work also feel like starting my own thing so Ill be the one who will be controlling the business not anyone else..
but yet as u told ignorance is bliss sometimes and thats what i am doing these days .. I am just concentrating on my work these days nothing else.

Thank U for your comment :-)

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