What a few days......

Last few days have been a hectic for me all the way.. My 22nd B day was on the 5th and tho I didn't have any celebrations..I got a lot of B day wishes from all my family, cousins and friends ( and the weird thing was that even my Lecturers new it was my B day and they wised me.. and they keep on calling me Bday Boy which was in the end a bit em brassing especially in front of my class mates hehe )

Also although I am stuck with my project work I was able to check out some movies from here and there and the one I loved the most is shown below...

Yea its is called "1408" Its an awesome horror movie with Samuel L Jackson and specially John Cusack acting at their best. The storyline is just unique and awesome .. I think I should not tell u more about the film cos If I say about it you want enjoy it so if u get a chance to get this movie get it and check it out and I suggest u one thing "don't watch it at night all alone in your room " hehe

Also the past few days were all about shocks the SL cricket Team loosing to the English (well its not that of a shock considering the way we played) and the all blacks loosing to France( now that was a shock...) and also Lewis Hamilton crashing out in China ( hurrah !!! :-) ) its all was a bit weird considering the way both 3 parties have performed during the past few months.

In a personal note.. my studies are going well but my final project is stuck at the moment as I got other projects to attend I have to submit the thing on 3rd of December and I haven't started development yet.. but I am keeping my hopes up and with the new "never giving up" attitude inside me I am sure I will be able to submit the project on time. But one thing is I hate the other subjects its soooo damn hard to study I don t know what to do about them at the moment hope the exams wont be hard the way I expect it to be...

Also another problem which has time to time come to haunt me has risen again. If u have followed my posts closely u might know what I am talking about.. its LOVE !!!! damn bothering , f***king love... I have suddenly become a desperado for love, a desperado for a girlfriend , a companion in life.. I dont know why but this is has really become a problem... when I work I dont get these thoughts to my head but when I dont.. when I go to sleep it always come to my mind and dreams and robs me of good sleep... I don t know what to do about this fact and recently I talked to one of my closest friends about this situation I have and they said "Be Patient..." its easy for them to say cos they are committed... how long should I wait?????? how long should I be patient?????? Isn't there a gal in this world I can love???? who wants my love and wants my companionship???
I guess these are questions that cannot be answered and will be answered with time but yet I hate waiting for things I want in life.. I am a kind of person who always pursue the things I want in life and if I don't get it .. I just forget it and never go after or try to get thing again.. I guess the same theory applies here as well.

It was nice to c my blogger friends doing good as well.. although I was not around I always took my time to read their blogs I like to give my condolences to my blogger pal FM in all about his car accident thingy.. Thank LS to putting a blog post after a long long time :-) thanks LD for putting up wacky posts on your blog which made me glued to your blog whenever I am free and to all others who have encouraged me and helped me in all aspects of life.. Thanks everyone for everything :-)

I am not a boy anymore... 22 means another step of being an Adult.. so I am gonna try to be Adult more from now on and make my life priorities a reality through hard work , determination and faith.. and of course being a friend to my friends whenever they need me as well as being the song my parents want me to be and be the brother my sis and bro can look upto...

Don't think I am not around... I will come from here and there whenever I am free

so till next time.. take care everyone :-)

May the Triple Gem Bless U Always !!!!


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  Lady divine

8:49 PM

Hey...Belated wishes from me!!!!!!
Hope everything goes well... and all the best with your project/studies...

and I was actually beginning to wonder what happened to you..:-)
take care and remember, we're always here...:-)

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