The Show is Over... The Game Begins...

Hi everyone how r u doing? I am back on blogger again after almost over 2 months my last post came on October 12 2007 :) now I am back again and I hope it wont take that much time again for me to put another post :)

Well I finally completed my degree at APIIT with my final presentation which was held today.I guess it went all right tho my Assessor was trying to bite me off my head asking me to justify the areas I have discussed in my project ( the project was a web based order management and order tracking system and I also proposed RFID for the tracking procedure for which she was asking me all the way for justifications)I defended all my points accordingly and it seems she was in the satisfied with it :) she said "I must check the justifications in the document" and I was quite ok cos I did include a significant justification in my documentation :)
One thing I was sad about was the system I implemented it was just a simple system with functionality but nothing spectacular or efficient. But I was happy on one thing it was implemented by me alone and its first time I developed a web application all by myself so I am quite satisfied with all the work I have done :D

Doing my final year project taught me a lot of lessons.It taught me how to work according to time and how to manage my work accordingly and complete each stage of my project successfully. It also was a test of patience and damn It was a lesson that I took a lot of time to understand ...there were situations where I felt like not doing the project at all and keep away from it but thats when my inner strength and self belief came to my rescue. I have never been a self motivator before but FYP did made me one and of course I should pay gratitude to my friends my cousins and most importantly my loving family specially my mom and dad for motivating me during the whole project. There were sleepless nights spent there were times I didn't took my eyes away from the pc and was stuck there 24/7 but I guess it all payed off and I guess thats what matters in the end isnt it? hehe I wont be getting my results till next March so till then I can relax a bit :) but I am sure the markers will give me good marks. It might not be a first class but I am really kool with it cos what ever the grade I get I know I did my project to the best of my ability , being true to myself through hard work ,perseverance and determination. :)

So whats next? well I have been applying for several jobs during the break I got between submission and presentation.I must say finding jobs aint easy I mean most of the people want experience and the more the value of the person the more u can get a job easily it seems. But I have not given hope still applying and lets c what happens ... I am not planning to work this year anyways gonna start working from next year onwards and theres a specific business plan in my mind 2 :) so gonna plan it out more during these few days :)

so so how is everyone out there? what did I miss? I hope everyone is good and enjoying life to the best of their ability.. just keep me posted on how u people r doing and of course I ll be again buzzing around your blogs again so be ready for that lol

Ill end this post with the topic title again " The Show is Over.. The Game Begins" and also with something I learned during the past 9 months when doing my FYP

"Never give up...Never be afraid to say what u want to say... Just be Yourself !!! :) "


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  Lady divine

8:42 PM

Lovely to see you back!!! Life's been tough but now it's getting better...:-) I think...;-)

I know what final year is like... went through it last yr!! it was tough to pull through, but a great experience!!

Compliments of the season to you and hope to see you around more often!!

oh and I'm happy to hear that you worked hard and did well at your finals..:-)


9:48 PM

LD: Hey Lady D!! its nice to hear from u 2 after a long time :) nice c things are getting better for u.. don't worry things r tough sometimes but it will all end in a good way in the end :-)

Just take the last 9 months i spent doing my final year project.. it was all tough but in the end I think I was able to do a very good job and complete the project successfully :-)

Compliments for the season to u as well and wish u all the very best in all your en devours :-)



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