After putting a lot of Thought during the weekend I came to this conclusion about the whole thing I discussed during my last post which was a very emotional one for me.

"I cant change the way I am, and the way I have lived life so far. Its not my fault only that I am this way and I don t blame anyone for this as well. A change will come when it comes and I am not gonna go after it cos it will end me up in the same old situation again. Hope others will understand me and accept me for who I am... and if they don't... its not gonna be my loss.."

If I am being true to my heart, this is a hard pill to swallow.. but what to do neda I guess I have meant to be this way.. so be it.


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5:15 AM

this reminded me of some of my posts...
"Change is not something to be forced into, it should come to you as fate would have it. It’s not something you thrust onto someone, it’s the way you inspire them, to become true to themselves, as someone better."

"“What we are never changes, who we are never stops changing.” Who we are is not up to us to decide, and it’s not for others to judge. Who we are is who we want to be, who we NEED to be, who we were born to be…"

"It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to change, and it’s even harder to trust a change. Whether it’s for good or for bad, you can’t tell if you trust someone once they change. You begin to regret what you once shared with them. You take steps further & further away from them.

But how do you know if you can still trust them? Well if the change was for the better then no matter how far away you distance yourself from them, they will find their way back into your heart."

"We are who we are in the past, in the present & even in the future. We will always be ourselves. We will always stand by someone. We will always stand up & fight for something. We will always be loved for who we are."

Those are just some excerpts...
if you liked it then follow the link and read the rest...


  Lady divine

8:24 AM

just be who you're.....:) and don't think too much!!!


12:47 AM

stfallen: Thank You so much for your advice and thoughts and I love the links and would read up all of them when I get a Chance :-D

LD: Yea Lady D I guess thats what I have to do just not think 2 much and carry on with everything.. Thank You :-D

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