A Womanizer

I hated to admit this for sooo long...But I am now finally admitting it "I am a Womanizer..." :-(

I never wanted to get this tag on me though friends kept on telling me that I am such a person which I thought they were telling to tease me. But,lately I have realized that its not a joke cos all I can think other than my usual day to day activities and hobbies are women.. I guess its just because of my past my present status with women as well as never being loved and never payed back with love...

The turning point and the realization of this fact came to me during Valentines Day when I was talking with my school friends on the phone after very long long time.. they always new that I am a Casanova and I do good in getting to know women, so one of my friends just asked me randomly as he always does "So hows life with the gals? did u find anyone yet??" I started talking and went on and on and then after I'm done he says to me "You know something man you should be worshiped do u know how many women u mentioned to be for the last few minutes??? wow wish we were good with women like that. "

Now once I heard this I felt really sick about myself.. I was thinking "what the hell is happening to me? , Am I loosing it big time??" and after a few minutes I realized that I was... I haven t dated any of these gais I know and all of them are friends of me and I of course have their nos. I have done some match making stuff in the past as well for my guy friends introducing them to gals I know ( some of whom are still dating each other) but what does that tells about me to others?? A Womanizer , A Cassonova or worse .... "A Pimp???"

I feel so sick and sad about this whole thing when I come to think of it. I am a person who lives according to my religion and always try to do good things in life but lately this women thing has got to me very badly and I have gone to the extent in creating false identities of me and lure women to become friends with me.. ( I know u must be thinking is this the Disease we used to know and love??? yea it is sadly it is.. :-( )

Anyways I am planning to meet a Psychiatrist very soon in order to get help on this matter you know just to talk on this matter and get some advice cos I dont know what to do about it.. Do you have any idea what I can do to make this situation right? If u you do please let me know cos its a situation I just want to get off with.

I never wanted to end up in this situation and I am happy that I realized this sooner rather than later.. I think this is one reason that I have never had a GF in life so far and never been able to fine true love :-( its soo pathetic but I guess I have nothing to do cos Its just me..

Hope all you ladies who reads this post didn't get or felt offended in anyway if u did I am really really sorry cos I had to write these in order to get this off my head and I appreciate all the help and advice you give me cos I am ready for anything :-)

So another Feb 14 ends in Misery... after the rejection I got last year. Damn... I HATE VALENTINES...


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

4:35 AM

oh man i wud so HI 5 u right now.. take it easy bro.. ;-) it aint our fault we just managed to have time with ladies more than we can count.. it aint a disease.. n if its.. its sure good one :D.. enjoy it while u can mate... oh ive boycotted V'day this year!! hiiipppppiiiieee


8:43 AM

LS: hehe yea bro I know what you mean
I am gonna take it easy and c what happens but yet I feel awkward abt this whole situation cos I never been in a status like this before
who cares abt Valentines bro Its just another normal day nice to hear from you after sometime :-D hope u r doing good

take care


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