My Love...

My Love..
I know that u haven't found me
and I haven't found you too

I am still wondering where you are
I just wanna come near u and find u

My heart just wants me to stop and stare
And find my love from the rest
But how can I find you my love
You are just lost among the rest..

My Love..
I know you are thinking about me
Just like I am thinking about you

I feel you are always beside me
But I cannot wait without seeing you

People say that Patience is bliss
And that you will be here soon
I am waiting and waiting my love
Please come to me soon..

My Love...
I don't wanna cry
And I don't wanna frown

Faint heart never won fair lady
So I am gonna be strong

I know someday.. somehow..
That you will come and find me
So I can see you and shout to the world..
"Shes my Lady.."

I will wait my love..
I will wait..
take your time on the way ..
cos when u come u will be loved forever
And this heart won't give away.....

Until Next Time

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10:37 PM

nice... :)


9:07 AM

@tash : Thank You TU =D

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