The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Listen to the Song and Imagine the Dude in the Video as Me..

That's how I feel about life now

A Bittersweet Symphony...

Until Next Time..


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  Lady divine

6:05 AM

I LOVE this song..... and well, life goes on...


7:19 AM

@Lady D: Awesome Song isn't it Lady D ? :) and I agree with u its the only option we have I guess


8:29 PM

I love this song!


11:13 PM

Nice, never saw the video before...


2:40 AM

luuuuuuuuurve the song!
andhe basically hit the nail on the head. whats more bittersweet than life.


8:56 AM

@DeeCee: Yeah Same Here Dee =D

@Jerry: Wicked Video isn't it man? =D

@Black: Same here Black =D and I cannot agree with you more life is always Bittersweet

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