Loosing My Mind..

Certain things in my Life is not going my way lately. Chike!! its hard. Sometimes I feel helpless , frustrated , mad and upset because stuff like my employment situation, my conscience etc etc is pulling me down to hell and its really hard to keep afloat.

The only thing that gives me strength is the Love and Support I am getting from my Family , Friends and the Girl I Love so much. But I don't want to disappoint them and be a bad apple.What can I do ? Where do I start ? I don't know .. It sucks .. it truly, really sucks Big Time !

Been going to the temple a lot these days just to heal myself mentally and during that time I feel really good cos it does make me feel better.

I need a change soon and I need to change myself 2. It should be sooner rather than later..

Until Next Time


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12:14 AM

yeah, being unable to find employment can be really hard on you and the people around you... but you need all the support you can get so keep them close bro! and always stay true to your conscience... :)

all the best with the job hunt, and take care of yourself k? :)

  Girigoris the One

7:56 PM

U are only a 'bad' apple if u stop 'being' an apple. Keep being the apple and the good times will cum in ur mind

Jaya weva


10:19 PM

@Chavie: Thank you Bro 4 the Advice and All da Good Wishes =).. These are hard Times.. But I am not going to give up.. going to move forward..
Cheers ! =)

@GTO: Thank you for that and the Wishes Mate.. Cheers ! =)

  Lady divine

8:47 AM

everything happens for a reason. Keep praying and keep looking around. Hope something good comes your way..:)

Take care and don't lose hope. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.



7:28 AM

@Lady D: Thank you Lady D for your Support and Advice. I know this might have happened for something good 2 come later..I am just becoming impatient now.. being unemployed sucks you know..Thank you Again



8:23 AM

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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