Indie Ink Writing Challenge: " My Life.. My Curse.. "

This week  in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge,  I got the challenge from Sunshine and the challenge was " You personify one of the seven deadly sins.  Tell us your story, but don't tell us who you are.".  Firstly i didn't have a clue about what the seven deadly sins are. But, after doing  some research, I got to know them and came up with the following. So here is my reply . If you can, try to figure out which sin  I am =).

I was never born alone. Though others might think otherwise. I was there from the days civilization inhabitant this place of  water , sun and moon which i saw as a space between heaven and hell. No one recognized me at first ,  but as time moved from one frame to the other, people began to realize that they cannot live without me. As needs grew,  I came into life, and when the needs were not met, I began to slowly unleash my powers and create my little monster. No one realized that I was inside them. But, I knew what I was doing and my mission had already begun.

As I begin my work , I take control of the mind and begin eating up those brain cells with my mixture of thoughts. The thoughts and desires which are already there becomes my prisoners and I let them go only at my command. My master knows that I am there and will try to defeat me as much as he could. But then I rise like a dragon spitting fireballs and provide a reply which could lead the mind to make unwanted decisions.

I am not always a cynical tyrant. I could be a sinner but I can be your savior too. I can lead you to success with brilliant acts of work and moves.  I can be your god, I can be your monster and even I can't handle myself  as I am faster than superman as I rise and diminish very quickly.  Remember , I will never go away or walk alone and will reside inside you all your lifetime. Its " My Life.. My Curse.. ".

I hope you figured out what I am  =). If you didn't . click here , I am the sixth element from that list  =).  Also, please take some time and check out the challenge I gave for  The Onion  who came up with a great response to the prompt I gave to her.

Until Next time...

Cheers !!

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7:29 AM

"I could be a sinner but I can be your savior too." That's what makes it so dangerous. Nice job.

  Chamindra H

7:33 AM

@SuperMaren: Very True and Thanks So Much for checking it out! :) Cheers!!


11:23 AM

Very nice response :) I am pretty impressed with your personification, especially in the first paragraph. Well done.

  Chamindra H

9:16 AM

@Sunshine: Thank You So Much Sunshine =) Glad you liked the response and Thanks a Lot for the Prompt =) Cheers !!


8:50 AM

thumbs up

  Chamindra H

10:16 AM

@Anon: Thank You =)


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8:37 PM

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