The Role of a Modern Day Student..

Education is an essential component in the life of a human being. From the day we are born we are taught how to talk , to walk, to read the first letters of the alphabet and so on.  If a person doesn't get the chance to learn, then it should be considered a crime as education is the seed that builds the character of an individual to face the challenges and obstacles he/she would face in the future.

Modern day students have the luxury of getting education from a variety of methods. In the past, every parent wanted their children to be a doctor or an engineer and tried persuade their kids to follow that path. At present, that drive has gone down significantly with most parents allow their kids to choose what they are good at and follow their dreams to earn a living by doing what they love to do.

With the luxury and options available, students should choose the correct path they think would benefit their future. They should first set a personal goal and find a career that will help them to reach that goal. The current world is mostly based on earning so students should be aware which career path will help them to be secure in that area. Every career path is not successful; so, getting advice from the experts from the industry you choose is important so you can carry forward that advice when you are doing studies. This is where career guidance programs are vital and students should be encouraged to go for these programs since its a great
way to gain knowledge on how to reach their career goals.

People might say the best way to earn money is being a Doctor or by being an IT Professional or a Lawyer. But each has its own sense of hard work and dedication. Students should not forget that nothing comes easy so working hard is the only way you can reach the top.

Getting a degree is not a must. As I once told in one of my earlier posts , people believe that having a degree will get you the job. It doesn't happen always. If you have the knowledge, then you have a very good chance of getting close to your goal. Organizations may ask you to get some sort of qualification;  but you can do that while working.   This is done by a majority these days so don't give up. If you are learning , learn well . Knowledge is a personal jewel. No one can take that away from you anytime.

Recently i saw the plan of the government of Sri Lanka to give university students a training program to improve how to face life in the future. It's a innovative approach and if implemented in the right way, could benefit the students immensely to shape up their career. The role of the student in this case, should be to get that knowledge and use it the correct way to benefit himself, his community and his country.  They should know that, they are solely responsible for their actions. So taking responsibility is a key feature that should be inculcated in the minds of a modern day scholar.

Being Practical ,  Patience  and Supporting his/her Colleagues are also key features every student should try to have in themselves. The modern world is very competitive and people who are flexible, able to make quick decisions and has a rational frame of mind are able to survive the tide.

It's Not Always the Books..
Also its not the knowledge of books that will matter all the time.  A great person is built through knowledge as well as personality so having good qualities will help you to gain the confidence of others.  If you have good qualities protect them, if you have bad ones get rid of them. It is a important process you need to follow consistently to gain success.

The above are some tips that is important for students to survive in the modern world. The career paths are getting wider and wider and with the job market booming  and the invasion of social media  the opportunities to find jobs is not limited to job websites or papers. But one thing is for sure , every student should do what they love to do and should not do what others are forcing you to do ( not even your parents). You should know your personal / life goal and learn hard , work hard to get towards that goal.

" The road to success might be difficult with a lot of  puddles and holes. But when you get there.. you will be smiling back and will surely realize that all the pain was worth it. "

I Wish You All the Very Best !

Cheers !!

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11:09 PM

Pain is temperari
But the pride is forever

But learning is a PAIN lasts forever !!!

  Chamindra H

7:28 AM

@Anon: Very True. But what you learn, will never leave you.

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